Sunday, 26 April 2015

Meeting my favorite author 5-12-14


In December,2014 I got the chance to meet my favorite author E Lockhart and have all my books and posters signed!

I first read We Were Liars in May 2014,and to this day it is still my favorite stand alone,maybe it always be. Now don't get me wrong,I have lots of favorite books,that I love with all my heart,but We Were Liars just claims victory for me over the rest. I can't explain why,and I've tried to review this book before and the words just don't come to me to explain it properly,which is odd considering I recommend it to pretty much everyone,like all the time.  It's all I talk about.

I was really nervous to meet E Lockhart,I felt so sick and excited when she walked in,like this is the author of my favorite book and I finally get to meet her. I nearly cried when she walked in,I couldn't believe I was finally getting to meet the person behind Cady,Johnny,Mirren and Gat.
I actually wrote a whole list of questions,and a letter for E Lockhart,but I was way too nervous to give them her. On the picture,there is a box of chocolates which I bought her. I remember her saying no-one had ever bought her a present to a signing before,looking back on it,I wish I'd of bought her something bigger,and given her my letter that I wrote.

It was a fantastic evening,she is absolutely hilarious,and when she was reading parts of the book I could imagine it so clearly in my head. I hope everyone gets the chance to meet the author of their favorite book because it is so amazing and surreal!

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