Sunday, 26 April 2015

Meeting Gayle Forman and I Was Here Review

I was lucky enough to meet Gayle Forman on 7th March 2015,so I thought i'd write a little bit first about my experience of meeting her.
Gayle is such a lovely,friendly,welcoming YA author! She was so kind to everyone,really funny and down to earth. Gayle did a reading with some audience members and one of her friends,I thought this was really entertaining.  Considering Gayle has wrote some pretty HUGE books, (If I Stay,Where She Went,I Was Here etc!) she was so humble and just really lovely to chat to. Definitely one of the nicest authors I've met. I had 7 books with me,and when I walked up to her,I apologized for having so many,Gayle replied telling me not to apologize at all and that it meant I enjoyed her books,so she would sign as many as I liked. I thought this was super sweet,and I realized that she was right. So what if we have 7 + books in our hands to be signed? The author should be flattered that we have spent our money on buying their work,because we enjoy it so much.

I Was Here Review:
Cody thought she knew everything there was to know about Meg,but just how wrong can you be about a person? 
When best friend Meg commits suicide,there is no-one more shocked than Cody.She thought they shared everything,every secret,every feeling.
Cody travels to Meg's university to gather the last of her things,and she finds this whole other world that Meg never mentioned to her.New friends,a whole new life. And Cody knew nothing about it.
Cody discovers secrets about things that may just change her memory of Meg forever.
But what if the only person that can help her find out why Meg took her own life is really the reason behind it?

I really enjoyed I Was Here,the characters were realistic and honest. You felt Cody's pain and anger as she gathered more information about Meg,her relationship with her mother was really interesting to read,who treated her more as a friend than a daughter yet would do anything to protect her I believe and would be there for her when it mattered.

There is also a certain character you can't help but swoon over( if you've read:you know! and if you haven't, you must!) 

Scenes in this book can be very triggering so please note this when reading,as it deals very heavily with suicide. Gayle handled this with great care and respect I believe,with a great knowledge of understand without it being too heavy to read.

I really reccomend this book,it has twists and turns and likeable characters,and Gayle is such a lovely author.


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