Sunday, 26 April 2015


Author: Andrew Norris
RRP: £10.99 
Francis has never had a friend like Jessica before,one that makes him feel important and wants to spend time with him,not make fun of him. Jessica is a ghost, which does not bother Francis at all,he is happy to have a friend. Jessica has never had anyone who can truly see her for her before,or even see her at all. Usually I talk quite a lot about the book plot, but today I thought I would talk about some of the themes of the book and how it affected me.This book was for me a heart warming book which showed that things can change for the better,you just have to believe. The theme of friendship is displayed beautifully and I felt extremely uplifted when I had finished the book. One of the main points of the novel is about trying to fit in,which I think a lot of teens can relate to,therefore I would recommend this for everyone. The main characters are interesting and you feel very involved in the story. Jessica's ghost does have issues such as depression and suicide,these issues are sensitive so I was pleased to see them dealt with a great deal of care and not too hard hitting for people to read. This is honestly a beautiful story.

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