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Catwalk Criminal Blog Tour Review!!


it's Lauren from LaurensBookLife and i'm bringing you a very exciting post today!

Today is my first ever day of being part of a blog tour! It's also the last day of the tour and I've loved reading everyone's lovely posts over the last week!

 I was sent a copy of Jessica Cole- Model Spy Catwalk Criminal as part of the blog tour celebration  of release week  and I'm really excited to share my review with you all today. Hopefully after reading,you would like to pick up a copy for yourself! I'm really pleased to be a part of the launch week for such an amazing UKYA book!

 I met Sarah at the UKYA Extravaganza in February where she signed my copy of Jessica Cole Model Spy Code Red Lipstick,Sarah was lovely to meet and to chat to.

I've read the Code Red Lipstick and Fashion Assassin aswell and loved them!  The books are fast paced,with likable characters and great plot twists.

Also,as a big part of what draws me into books is covers (don't judge books by covers I know,but some covers are so gorgeous that it's hard not to buy them based on the covers!) I was so looking forward to Catwalk Criminal because I knew I could add a great new book(and cover)  to my shelf. I personally like the Catwalk Criminal cover the most,the colors are lovely and go together really well.I'm obsessed with  it! Sarah  tweeted me saying that she think's she likes this cover best also.

I'd like to say thank you to  Faye Rogers  for sending me the media kit over for my post,it helped so much and makes everything a lot quicker and easier!and you don't have to search around for all the links yourself! I really appreciated it.

There's a competition to win a set of the Model Spy trilogy!!!!! Don't miss out as it ends soon and gives you the chance to have all three books straight away!!
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check out everyone's lovely blog post from the week!

Author: Sarah Sky

Title: Catwalk Criminal (Jessica Cole: Model Spy #3)

Genre: Contemporary / Crime YA

Publisher: Scholastic 

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Published: 4th June 2015
Put Catwalk Criminal on your to read list!

You can find out more about Sarah on her website 
and chat to her on social media! 

Here is the blurb/brief summary of Catwalk Criminal
"Models, spies and lipstick gadgets in this fast-paced teen series. Jessica Cole has been recruited to Westwood, MI6's secret division of supermodel spies. Her first official mission seems simple at first, until it turns into the biggest cyber-attack ever known, threatening the security of the whole country. Then it emerges there is a traitor in the midst at MI6 - and suddenly Jessica herself is being accused. With no one believing her innocence, and the country on the verge of chaos, Jessica has no choice but to take matters of national security into her own hands and catch the culprit - fresh from the catwalk."

Now we finally come to my review/thoughts on the book!

* as the book came out on Thursday 4th June, (so only three days ago!)i'm keeping my review spoiler free as it's a new release so I don't want to ruin the plot!*

I hoped that Catwalk Criminal would be an amazing addition to the Model Spy books 1 and 2,and I was not disappointed. Catwalk Criminal is jam packed  with excitement,plot twists and new interesting characters! I was happy that there was still characters from the first two books also. 

When i'm about to start a book,I really like it when the story starts straight away and we don't have to wait around too long  for the action to start. Catwalk Criminal is exactly just as I like it! We're thrown pretty much straight into it,so if you read Fashion Assassin a while ago,you're reminded straight away of the world and Jessica Cole's life! 

 The first mission doesn't go to plan at all! There's an attack on MI6 HQ which therefore leads to extreme consequences for everyone around! Could someone be after Jessica and want to bring her and the rest of the team down? Read the book to find out! 

The plot kept building,and I felt even more involved in Jessica's world than before. She had to juggle all the different parts of her life,personal,work etc and still try and stay on top of everything,this was something that really drawed me to her character aswell. She had to cancel plans with her boyfriend and best friend when her commitments were work,so  it was interesting to see how she handled this.

I love Sarah's writing style,it hooks you right in and transports you into a world full of model spys,and cool gadgets! Sarah pays attention to detail and knows what she's talking about,she comes up with new and interesting idea's that bounce off the page and make you want to read all of her books over and over again! Some of the new gadgets introduced sound so cool! My favorite are the taser trainers.

There's a new character we meet called Zak who you can't help but swoon over at times! ( if you've read you know and if you haven't yet read,you must!) he's arrogant and everything that Jessica is not supposed to like,and she already has a boyfriend,doesn't she?

Code Red Lipstick and Fashion Assassin were amazing books,and I feel like Catwalk Criminal has just smashed the bar even more!

I was thinking when I was writing this post,how much of a credit the Jessica Cole Model Spy trilogy is to UKYA! It's fresh and exciting,and something for everyone! I'm so glad I picked up Code Red Lipstick a while ago now and read it as I'd never of come across such a great trilogy and lovely author like Sarah!  

Hope you've enjoyed this post,feel free to check out my unboxing video of lovely goodies from Michelle Toy ! 

Lauren x 

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