Saturday, 30 May 2015

Starbucks Meet Up and Bookish Swap!

I contacted Michelle Toy about a month ago now,about  the idea of doing a book swap,where we each put together a box full of lovely bookish stuff,along with book swag,and we would meet up and exchange boxes! I had this idea as my blog is fairly new,and I wanted to get people interested in my blog and what I'm writing about,and I know how much I enjoy watching unboxing videos,so I thought that many others would like to see this too!

Michelle was really interested in my idea,I was so pleased! 

We both put together a wish list of books,some of our likes and hobbies,and then we went away for a few weeks to put together these lovely boxes!

I really enjoyed putting together Michelle's box,she told me that she was a Harry Potter fan so I mainly themed the box with Harry Potter stuff. Michelle also told me that she had recently discovered adult coloring books so I got her one,there was so many amazing books it was really hard to choose one! They were all so pretty! Other gifts that I bought Michelle were Lush bath bombs (non bookish yes,but still extremely cute!) A cute trinket box which I included some bookish wristbands in. I have a similar box as I think their really cute. As a huge fan of stationary myself,I bought Michelle two vintage notebooks,everyone needs one!

The books that I bought Michelle were 
Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira 
Tape by Steven Camden
Landline by Rainbow Rowell

As I was sorting out my shelves the other week,I discovered that for some reason I had two copies of some of my books,due to either competitions or just being bought them by two different people. So I also put 5 other books in the box.

Me,Michelle,and three of my friends met in Birmingham City Centre yesterday to have a mini meet up to discuss all things YA! We talked about our author experiences,events/signings we've been to,our favorite books,school.. It was so lovely to see everyone,and just to have a nice chat and catch up! 

I said to Michelle that I was going to film myself unboxing the parcel,and I did! You can check the video out here and see my reactions for every gift! 

I was honestly so grateful for all of my presents,they were all so lovely,personal and thoughtful. Michelle clearly spent time carefully selecting my gifts,making sure that everything was meaningful. I'm really glad that I asked Michelle,she was so kind with her gifts,and hopefully we can do something like this again in the future! I watched my video back and realized that I didn't really say thank you at the end in the video,but due to my tweets you know that I was extremely grateful. I kept saying OMG at everything,because I was so shocked!

I really feel like i'm becoming a part of the blogging community and I think some of this is down to Michelle,and her participation in this swap! So another big thank you because of that.

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My lovely gifts from Michelle

Lauren X

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